Amsterdam Light Festival Official Partner 2019-2020
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Amsterdam Light Festival 2019-2020
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Amsterdam Licht Festival - Amsterdam Light Festival

From November 29th 2019 until January 5th 2019 the 7th annual Amsterdam Light Festival shines it light on the city of Amsterdam. During this winter event 30 light sculptures, projections and installations made by (inter)national artists are to be seen. This years theme: DISRUPT!

We carry out these cruises together with our parent company Rederij Kooij

Adults Online tickets: € 19,50 p.p.
(On Jetty € 22,50 p.p.)

Child (5 - 12) Online tickets: € 11,50 p.p.
(On Jetty € 13,00 p.p.)

Just a couple more months until Sail 2020! Experience Sail Amsterdam with our parent company Rederij P. Kooij. Soon presale of tickets for The Sail Amsterdam Cruise. Would you like to be kept informed of when our ticket sale starts? Please leave your e-mail address.